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June 04 2012

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I might have posted this before, but look at Julesss! 

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Our favorite New Yorker

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March 02 2012

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March 01 2012

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Reposted bypiaelolufoaddnowtoherefornowhere

February 29 2012

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ich wünschte ich könnte dieses Jahr wieder dort hin fahren, das war so toll da letztes Jahr

February 28 2012

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codes and keys (by Maya Filmeridis)


Dearest ilovethestrokes,

In response to the tons of annoying Apple product related spam recently cluttering your dashboard, we have teamed up with Apple’s development team to ACTUALLY GIVE AWAY APPLE PRODUCTS! Under the condition that you agree to “test” the product, by allowing basic debug data to be automatically sent to Apple’s dev and diagnostics teams.

So, in a nutshell..

Just be sure to fill out your email address and all accurate info, use confirmation link, and then use the PROMO CODE: TUMBLRCARES

Because we do care, just not about spammers.

Note: only the first 1,000 users may take part in this promotion, which is on a first come first serve basis.

Oh, and don’t be greedy. “Publish” and reblog away! Share the loot!

February 27 2012

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February 26 2012

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